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Bryan shiatsu & massage

        Whether You're Feeling Stressed or Looking for Relief from those Nagging Aches and Pains, Come Relax, Breathe Deeply and Experience the Benefits of Massage from Both Eastern & Western Therapies to Find Balance & Harmony in the Mind, Body & Spirit. 


          Shiatsu & Massage


​​​Bringing Balance to the Mind, Body & Spirit

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As COVID-19 mandates have been lifted, Bryan Shiatsu & Masssage Located At The Adirondack Salt Cave LLC has updated our operating guidelines.

Our priority continues to be the safety and wellness of our clients, staff and therapists while maintaining the high quality of service and experience you have come to expect from all of us at Adirondack Salt Cave.

For All Updates Please visit adirondacksaltcave.com and Follow the link to see what to expect when contacting for appointmentsts.    

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